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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made machines intelligent, self-reliant, and far more imaginative than people ever thought they could be. It is also an area that is continuously developing at breakneck speed. As such, the future seems almost unfathomable. What is guaranteed is that AI will drive a disruptive change across organizations that moves beyond smart IT and process automation.At an entry level, AI and machine learning are proving a game-changing addition to industries as varied as oil and gas, retail and e-commerce, BFSI, health, manufacturing, and more. However, the possibilities are almost endless. It’s why we’re constantly imagining new frontiers of machine-level ingenuity and helping organizations like yours to get more out of their machines.At Aicomsol, we’re constantly imagining new frontiers of machine-level ingenuity.We focus on innovating systems that not only promote procedural automation but also help you solve complex tasks for greater value delivery across workflows. We’re constantly looking to leverage the true potential of various emerging platforms such as Tensorflow, Amazon Sagemaker, ApacheMXNet, Microsoft Cognitive Kit (CNTK), and more. From machine learning to deep learning, we create cutting-edge, focused AI solutions to problems that previously required a great deal of human intelligence. So if you’ve got crucial business challenges, the intelligent way to overcome it is to start talking to us.

  • Assisted Intelligence with Human Intervention  

Building AI systems that assist humans in making decisions or taking actions, and developing Hard-wired systems

  • Automation without Human Intervention

Automating manual and cognitive tasks that are either routine or non-routine and automating existing tasks.

  • Augmented Intelligence

Developing systems that augment human decision-making and continuously record their interactions with humans and the environment.


AI And ML Services


  • Speech Analytics

Speech analytics uses cutting-edge AI, ML and NLP to uncover meaningful insights from customer conversations.Helps organizations audit calls automatically and provides insights into operations.Improving processes to capture missed product upsell opportunities, lowering post-sale issues, customer DSAT, and ensuring compliance.

  • Chat Bot Development

Round-the-clock availability, personalized customer experiences, cost reduction, and ability to interact with multiple users simultaneously are some of the key reasons why chatbot adoption is on the rise. Also, AI-based chatbots are capable of learning on their own. They minimize the need for human intervention and free up the staff to focus on more strategic responsibilities.

  • AI Driven Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation has the potential to transform virtually any industry. The rules-driven execution of business processes is faster and more efficient. This capability not only drives dramatic operational efficiencies but also opens new opportunities. Meanwhile, it frees up humans from cumbersome chores, so they are free to focus on what they do best.


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