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Artificial Intelligence Cloud Deployment


Artificial Intelligence, popularly referred to as AI, refers to the simulated intelligence in machines. The term refers to the end result of endowing machines with the intellectual prowess peculiar to humans, the ability to reason, learn from the past, discover meaning, or generalize. The cloud and AI blend perfectly in diverse ways and according to experts, AI might just be the technology to revolutionize cloud computing solutions. AI as a service improves the existing cloud computing solutions and engenders new paths to development. 

Types of Services provided by Aicomsol:


  • AI Infrastructure for Cloud Computing

Generate Machine Learning (ML) models when a large set of data is applied to certain algorithms, and it becomes important to leverage the cloud for this. The models are able to learn from the different patterns which are gleaned from the available data.As we provide more data for this model, the prediction gets better and the accuracy is improved. For instance, for ML models which identify tumors, thousands of radiology reports are used to train the system. This pattern can be used by any industry since it can be customized based on the project needs. The data is the required input and this comes in different forms – raw data, unstructured data, etc.

  • AI Services for Cloud Computing

Even without creating a unique ML model, it is possible to enjoy services which parallel that provided by the AI systems. For instance, text analytics, speech, vision, and machine language translation are accessible to developers. They can simply integrate this into their development projects.Although these services are generic and are not tailored to specific uses, cloud computing vendors are taking steps to ensure that this is constantly improved. Cognitive computing is a model which allows users to provide their personalized data which can be trained to deliver well-defined services. This way, the problem of finding the appropriate algorithm or the correct training model is eliminated.

  • Cloud Deployment
Public Cloud

The cloud provider owns and manages all hardware, software and other supporting infrastructures and is responsible for delivering computing resources – servers, storage – over the internet. As a user, you gain access to these services and manage your account through the web browser.

Private Cloud

Just as the name implies, a private cloud’s services and infrastructure are maintained on a private     network either by the providing company or a hired third-party service provider. It is used by a single organization and is sometimes located in the company’s on-site data center itself.

Hybrid Cloud

This is a fusion of both the public and the private cloud services. How is this made possible? It is made available by the integration of the personalized data and applications shared by both platforms. Clients looking for more flexible cloud app development solutions and a wide range of deployment options are advised to embrace this technology

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