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Banking customers often have to go through a lengthy menu of financial products to identify the best suitable option. Besides, they have to put up with a long wait in support calls before their queries, such as account information and balance inquiries, are answered. Aicomsol’s Bank Bot service assists the banking and financial sector in building bots that can provide personalized banking assistance to your customers round the clock. Bots have the ability to handle customer requests and queries like an expert and send out alert and notification to ensure stronger engagement.For financial institutions, processes like new customer acquisition, financial recommendations, customer behavior analysis, fraud detection are better achieved using chatbots and machine learning capabilities.  For enhanced decision-making capabilities, bots are imbibed with the best of conversation user experience (CUX) capabilities coupled with data ingestion models.

To empower banks with this much-needed AI support, Aicomsol Bank Bot service brings to you it’s very own Banking Bot. Leveraging the various Digital channels of engagement, this Chat bot provides essential services, including updates, emails, mobile details, money transfer, details of the last 5 transactions, and much more. A true multitasker, Bank Bot can be successfully used for up-sell and cross sell campaigns, and can easily adapt to the role of providing wealth management advisor services, using its intuitive capabilities. The Digital age calls for a Digital SPOC, and Aicomsol Banking Bot can be the banks’ true mascot to reach out to their new customer segment- the millennials.

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