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Artificial intelligence is reshaping business—though not at the blistering pace many assume. True, AI is now guiding decisions on everything from crop harvests to bank loans, and once pie-in-the-sky prospects such as totally automated customer service are on the horizon. The technologies that enable AI, like development platforms and vast processing power and data storage, are advancing rapidly and becoming increasingly affordable. The time seems ripe for companies to capitalize on AI.


AI platforms provide users a tool kit to build intelligent applications. These platforms combine intelligent, decision-making algorithms with data, which enables developers to create a business solution. Some platforms offer pre-built algorithms and simplistic workflows with such features as drag-and-drop modeling and visual interfaces that easily connect necessary data to the end solution, while others require a greater knowledge of development and coding. These algorithms can include functionality for image recognition, natural language processing, voice recognition, recommendation systems, and predictive analytics, in addition to other machine learning capabilities.


AI platforms are frequently used by developers to create both the learning algorithm and intelligent application. However, users without intensive development skills will benefit from the platforms’ pre-built algorithms and other features that curb the learning curve. AI platforms are very similar to PaaS, which allow for basic application development, but these products differ by offering machine learning options. As intelligent applications become the norm, it may become commonplace for all PaaS products to begin to provide the same machine learning options as AI Platforms.

Services Provided by Aicomsol


Computer vision: Our team builds innovative applications and products by integrating computer vision services with other systems like POS, ERP and diagnostic software.

NLP: Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is becoming an essential for every modern company which aims to gain a competitive advantage in their operations and customer service.

Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics includes AI solutions and software that helps you to understand customer behavior, results and helps to steer your business in the right direction.

Robotic Process Automation: Artificial Intelligence (AI) models can be inserted into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) workflows to perform machine perception tasks, like image recognition e.g.. Tasks that by human brain can be performed in a seconds, whose output may be plugged into a large flow of business and process logic.

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