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We, being a firm that promotes foremost technology have Machine Learning as its core service. Our Chatbot Services, based on NLP, acts as an interface to empower an effective messaging medium between customers & businesses. Chatbots we build evacuates intricacy and focuses more on providing a supreme conversational experience to your customer. To revolutionize the way businesses look in, our developers ensure the training of high-quality data set to give the most suitable answers to the users.In spite of being a contemporary technology, Chatbot services have been integrated very well with the day to day life. The chatbot services that we provide can be easily trained on your own. The bot can be integrated easily into any software application and on any third party applications like Facebook Chatbot Messenger, Skype, Slack, Google Home, Zendesk, Amazon Echo, etc. Our team crafts the Smart bot that has adaptability, flexibility, intelligence, and analytic capabilities as its core traits. Our Chatbot development services facilitate the report generator and bot tracker to monitor and improve the bot performance. We have implemented this variant solution on wide sectors say e-commerce, healthcare, customer support and so on..

ChatBot Services


AI Chatbot

AI chatbot development services are to handle the hybrid behaviour of chat services. Firstly, the Chatbot services we provide will engage the customer and later, when the customer feels to have a conversation with a resource person they can switch to live chat support to talk with the team.When the live chat is not available the customer can leave an E-mail. Aicomsol chatbot development offers services to medium and large enterprises tailored to meet their needs.Build and deploy intelligent chatbots with powerful cognitive services that constantly keep learning, enhancing, and becoming smarter.

Bot Platform

Identify chatbots as per your business needs and start creating them,Create modules for the chatbot and configure settings.

Cognitive Services

Aicomsol is a cognitive consulting service provider with deep industry knowledge in cognitive technologies, including computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, text analytics and automation. Using cognitive services helps organizations in generating insights to decrease costs, enhance efficiency, boost revenue and improve customer support.

ChatBot Integration

Aicomsol not only develops AI chatbots that can be deployed on all the popular messaging applications, but also integrates it with your line of business applications. And with advances in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning, chatbots can now understand queries just like the humans and respond to queries in the least possible time.

ChatBot Use Cases
  • With the increasing popularity of social messaging applications, intelligent chatbots are a great way to reach out to millions of people. At present, AI bots are being implemented in a wide variety of business verticals and helping organizations carry out various tasks such as customer service and marketing activities.

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