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Cloud Automation using AI


Cloud automation enables IT teams and developers to create, modify, and tear down resources on the cloud automatically. One of the major promises of cloud computing was that services could be used on demand, if and when needed. But in reality, someone needs to spin up those resources, test them, identify when they are no longer needed, and take them down, and this can represent a huge manual effort.Cloud automation is not built into the cloud; it requires expertise and the use of specialized tools. Cloud automation requires hard work, but it pays off when you get through the initial pain and gain the ability to perform complex tasks at the click of a button.

Cloud solutions for AI also exist for domain specific problem solving and process automation. The benefit of task specific solutions over generic ones can be simplified implementation and increased relevancy from the tailored approach offered.Utilizing cloud AI systems that fit specific business stream characteristics can also supplement the use of more encompassing generic solutions. In these scenarios, data is passed from outputs of one solution to inputs of another until the desired result is achieved for automated decision processes.


Build an intelligent enterprise using prebuilt AI, data-driven cloud applications, and a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure and cloud platform services. Aicomsol AI offering helps organizations automate operations, drive innovation, and make smarter decisions securely.Artificial intelligence is being embedded into IT infrastructure to help streamline workloads and automate repetitive tasks. Some have gone as far as predicting that as AI becomes more sophisticated, private and public cloud instances will rely on these AI tools to monitor, manage, and even self-heal when an issue occurs. Initially, AI can be used to automate core workflows and then, over time, analytical capabilities can create better processes that are largely independent. Routine processes can be managed by the system itself, further helping IT teams capture the efficiencies of cloud computing and allowing them to focus on higher-value strategic activities.

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