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In today’s digital world, customers are expecting a consistent & personalized shopping experience where their journey from product discovery to check-out is made as short as possible. But most retailers/ e-commerce players often end-up spinning out irrelevant products to their customers to make them stay longer on their online channels. This results in the customers losing interest and moving out before making any purchase.

Artificial intelligence in Ecommerce industry is being utilized by online retailers for providing chatbot services, analysing customer comments, and for providing personalized services to online shoppers

Visual Product Discovery


Visual search is bringing a breakthrough in online shopping. A quick reference image of the product is what’s required in finding the exact results. This is not just a time saver for the customer but also provides a great opportunity to earn more business and customers.

  • Search products with an image reference
  • Locate relevant products quickly
  • Reduce basket abandonment & increase sales

Voice Controlled Shopping Assistant


Voice search is becoming one of the most important trends in the ecommerce industry. It enables customers to purchase online with their own voice; giving them a physical store-like feeling.

  • AI-powered Natural language processing capability
  • Control your search with your own voice
  • Browse through store with more convenience
  • Display Personalized products as search results

Intelligent Recommendation


Intelligent recommendation enhances the shopping experience for the customer by setting a new standard for brand recognition. It helps to know the customers’ preferences and make personalized recommendations for products.

  • Control your personalized recommendations with in-built machine learning algorithms
  • Perform automatic visitor profiling and segmentation
  • Track useful insights and behavior
  • Bring in flexibility with manual override options

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