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Easy-to-use bot building platform empowers you to create your own work and productivity tools – without writing a line of code.For too long companies and organisations have had to change the way they work to fit with rigid and disjointed business systems. We believe that shouldn’t be the case, and you should be able to easily build work tools that suit your specific business needs, operational processes and company culture.

The software of an offline bot is limited to the amount of information encrypted in it. There is a certain amount of information saved in the software regarding the information and details of the product. When a visitor asks the bot about his queries, the bot then provides the information it has, on the requested  subject post analysis of the keywords.

If the entered query is within the knowledge of the bot, then it provides the needed links and particulars; if not, then the details of the visitor are asked for saying that the concerned entity will contact them within a fixed schedule. Aicomsol provides complete automatic  offline chatbot with all the features that is provided by online chatbot

Build and launch offline bots and automation tools in a matter of minutes

Plan and build

We’ll help you plan how your bot will work and map out the structure. Then use our intuitive platform to build from scratch, or start from a template, and connect to your business systems.

Test and launch

Get input from your team on how the bot works and prepare your launch strategy to drive usage and adoption from staff.

Automate FAQs

Instantly provide answers to questions from your staff and workforce 24/7.

Conduct surveys

Send surveys to your staff and workforce to find out how they feel about certain topics or issues.

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