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SecOps on Artificial intelligence


 AI and machine learning are the new frontier for information security, and it’s being done with platforms, such as security orchestration, automation, and response, aka SOAR.Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) is a platform that empowers organizations to manage, respond to and neutralize cyber threats with the adaptability, efficiency, and speed necessary to combat today’s rapidly evolving cyber threats.

Really what SOAR is trying to achieve is to help companies that don’t always have the human resources available to keep an organization safe in real-time. The problem is that there isn’t enough people or capital available to do incident response, security ops, and security engineering in real-time. There are many tasks involved, and the work can be extremely cumbersome. Ultimately, SOAR takes on those real-time security tasks and all the work associated with those initiatives, so that security teams can dedicate more of their time exploring the issues at hand and pivoting where needed. 

With the growing number of newly-released, longtime-funded automation tools and platforms, it’s clear that network security operations automation has reached an inflection point. While automation promises to provide significant value to security and network operations teams, along with hopes and promises comes concerns about limitations, potential failures, and critical oversights—especially when it comes to automating incident response. These limitations don’t stem from a lack of APIs, compute power, or the advancement of machine learning or artificial intelligence, but rather from the tools that are doing the detection, notification, and remediation.

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