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Automation On Cloud Based Platforms


Cloud automation enables IT teams and developers to create, modify, and tear down resources on the cloud automatically. One of the major promises of cloud computing was that services could be used on demand, if and when needed. But in reality, someone needs to spin up those resources, test them, identify when they are no longer needed, and take them down, and this can represent a huge manual effort.Cloud automation is not built into the cloud; it requires expertise and the use of specialized tools. You can leverage cloud automation tools and capabilities offered by your public cloud vendor (such as AWS or Azure), automation features in your private cloud platform (such as OpenStack or Cloud Foundry), or third party cloud tools that can perform automation in cloud environments (such as Puppet, Chef, Kubernetes, or Cloudify).

Cloud automation requires hard work, but it pays off when you get through the initial pain and gain the ability to perform complex tasks at the click of a button.

Improved security and resilience

When sensitive tasks are automated, you do not need multiple IT people or developers logging into mission critical systems. The risk of human error, malicious insiders and account compromise is vastly reduced. In addition, you can build security best practices into automated workflows, and enforce security principles in 100% of your deployments.

Improved backup processes

Organizations need to back up their system frequently, to guard against accidental erasure, configuration calamity, equipment failure or cyber-attack. Automating backups on the cloud, or backing up on-premise systems automatically to the cloud, dramatically improves an organization’s resilience to disaster.

Improved governance

When systems are set up manually or on an ad-hoc basis, administrators may have low visibility over what is actually running and may not have a centralized way to control the infrastructure. Cloud automation lets you set up resources in a standardized, controlled manner, which also means you have much more control over infrastructure running across your organization.

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