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AWS Cloud Implementation and Deployment Support Services

Today, Cloud Computing application has become the largely used application by large enterprises as well as SMBs that allows them to store all their business-critical data on the cloud while maintaining confidentiality. AWS in this aspect, has revolutionized the way companies think about the cloud, bringing about a wave of change by removing the roadblocks to entry for enterprises who want to take their applications online, in an easy and cost-effective way. Because of the cost advantages offered by AWS, enterprises of all sizes starting from Fortune 500 to startups are utilizing its benefits for their infrastructure needs.

Aicomsol provides application development services on AWS, offering cloud computing solutions on various models such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Aicomsol is determined on making cloud work for organizations worldwide and provides application development services on AWS which is one of the leading cloud platform providers today. We provide managed services for cloud and are experts in AWS Cloud Automation, deployment, cloud provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling and monitoring your app ensuring your application gets pushed into the cloud seamlessly.

Fast private and hybrid cloud deployment

Quickly and easily deployed application workloads across on-premises and off-premises environments. Solution blueprints are optimized in design and build through service management integration.

Right-sized task service levels

Multicloud services that are delivered, at the right size and service level, for each task performed. Vendors are governed by policies and logical application modelling.

Effective monitoring and control

A self-service portal and graphically integrated development environment that enables streamlined budget, billing and metering management; governance issue tracking; and limits IT resource needs.

Reduced demand generation and fulfillment time

Reduced demand generation time by up to 70 percent with a catalog of predefined services, which include building, deployment, delivery and support in three days

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