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Azure Cognitive Services Development and Support

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a technology that trains machines to imitate human behavior and capabilities. The technology allows us to interpret visuals, detect anomalies, etc just like a human does.Azure Cognitive Services is an integral part of the AI services that helps in building effective and intelligent software applications.Azure Cognitive Services are pre-made APIs that are available to developers to help them build intelligent software applications without having any direct machine learning or AI skills expertise. Azure Cognitive Services allow developers to easily embed cognitive services in their applications

In Machine learning, the developer has to bring together the training dataset and then test the validity of the dataset through suitable models and then evaluate the results and thus requires knowledge of different models and concepts of machine learning but with Azure Cognitive Services the tasks become easy as the developer has to provide the data only and the rest like training the data and finding the best models is done by the cognitive services that are provided.

Azure Cognitive Services has empowered developers around the globe by making it easier to add AI capabilities to software applications.

  • Requires no machine learning expertise.
  • Easy to add AI capabilities to existing applications.
  • It provides containers for deploying in cloud or on-premise.

  Computer Vision: It is an AI service that is generally used for analyzing content in the images

 Face: It is an AI service that is used for identifying people and emotions in images.

  Form Recogniser: This AI service is used for extracting information from documents.


Used for embedding speech processors in software applications. It includes APIs like:

Speech Translation: It is a service that embeds speech translation features in real-time.

Speech Recognition: It is a service that is used to identify and verify speakers


Used for Extracting meaning from text. It includes APIs like

  Text Analytics: AI service to detect language, sentiments from a text.

  Translator: AI service to translate text into different languages. It can support 60 languages.

 QnA Maker: AI service that provides the facility to create a conversational question and answer       like a bot.

Web Search

Used for finding your search from the world-wide-web. It includes APIs like:

Bing Image search: This AI service allows us to add a variety of search images into one’s application.

Bing Autosuggest: This service helps to complete queries faster by providing IntelliSense support.

Bing Spell Check: This service helps in correcting spelling errors, understanding homophones, and      differentiate between names, brands, etc.

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