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Cloud Architecture and Deployment Consulting Services

Cloud architecture is how individual technologies are integrated to create clouds—IT environments that abstract, pool, and share scalable resources across a network. Cloud architecture is how all the components and capabilities necessary to build a cloud are connected in order to deliver an online platform on which applications can run.

Architecture and design practices are the most critical concerns in cloud projects. The lack of general understanding of the processes and the required architecture and design methods could be the reasons why the cloud projects stumble or fail. With constantly changing business strategies,it’s essential for the businesses to create systems that can adapt and scale quickly.Through the multi-cloud approach to cloud architecture design, our cloud experts carefully assess your application and workload requirements and suggest the right cloud platform.

Clouds are considered Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS), since a cloud provider supplies users with both the platform and the underlying IT infrastructure. Architecting a cloud platform requires more than just abstracting a computer’s capabilities from its hardware components, which is how providers create and offer cloud infrastructure to users. It also requires additional levels of development to incorporate containerization, orchestration, application programming interfaces (APIs), routing, security, management, and automation software. User experience design (UX) is also important in order to create a navigable online experience.

While there are variations of cloud architecture based on what you’re trying to do, most clouds require hardware, middleware, management, and automation software. Most clouds also use virtualization to abstract the hardware resources into centrally managed data lakes, while some clouds—known as bare-metal clouds—connect clients directly to hardware.

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