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Cloud based Microservices

As cloud computing takes the center stage across most IT infrastructures, there is also a rise in the new trends and the demands from the users. Everyone prefers to have an application that is highly scalable and available on a cloud platform. On the other hand, businesses are keen to make regular updates to the application. With the traditional monolithic architecture models where different components of the application are combined into a single piece of program, it is very difficult to achieve these requirements since it consumes a considerable amount of time to build and deploy the entire application. Performing this multiple times to deliver frequent updates to the application is definitely something that will cost the organization’s time and resources. 

Microservices are not necessarily exclusively relevant to cloud computing but there are a few important reasons why they so frequently go together—reasons that go beyond microservices being a popular architectural style for new applications and the cloud being a popular hosting destination for new applications.

Among the primary benefits of microservices architecture are the utilization and cost benefits associated with deploying and scaling components individually. While these benefits would still be present to some extent with on-premises infrastructure, the combination of small, independently scalable components coupled with on-demand, pay-per-use infrastructure is where real cost optimizations can be found.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, another primary benefit of microservices is that each individual component can adopt the stack best suited to its specific job. Stack proliferation can lead to serious complexity and overhead when you manage it yourself but consuming the supporting stack as cloud services can dramatically minimize management challenges. Put another way, while it’s not impossible to roll your own microservices infrastructure, it’s not advisable, especially when just starting out.

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