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IVR on Cloud Platforms

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems have come a long way from the complex, legacy ecosystem they once were. Companies no longer need to resign themselves to maintaining stale IVR call flows well past their expiration date, subjecting customers to inefficient and frustrating experiences. Today’s innovative organizations are building IVR systems with flexible, cloud-based APIs and using their IVRs to connect with customers in meaningful new ways.These businesses are discovering that IVR is much more than just a dial-and-wait service. Across organizations—from marketing to sales to service and support—companies are using this technology to interact with customers 24/7. And with IVR menu flows that are determined by A/B testing and data analysis of historical call records, they’re seeing real benefits.

Many businesses built communications systems with legacy infrastructure, based on rigid hardware that required long update cycles and weeks or months to roll out changes. These systems didn’t allow for experimentation, A/B testing, or continuous enhancements. They couldn’t improve over time because they weren’t designed to keep up with the level of service that today’s customers demand.

As the needs of customers evolve, businesses also need to evolve. Customers increasingly expect exceptional customer experiences from the businesses they interact with, whether it’s a retail store, an online travel site, or a financial institution. Today’s successful companies stand out based on the customer experience they deliver. They’re shifting their communications infrastructure to stay relevant and service the ever-evolving needs of their clients.

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