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Cloud Based Applications Deployment

 Modern software teams are increasingly adopting the cloud, choosing to host and run their applications and infrastructure using cloud providers and platforms instead of on-premise solutions.But deploying applications in the cloud can be significantly different than doing so in your own data center. A number of steps go into deploying an application in the cloud—from build to package to release—and there can be a lot of overhead in doing that manually.

Types of Services provided by Aicomsol


As a part of our comprehensive cloud deployment services, we    classify your business requirements, perform a detailed assessment of the varied technology elements and offer you the most sophisticated cloud experience. Following are our key capabilities:

  • Cloud Consulting Services

Assist businesses for strategic consultation, assessment for cloud readiness, planning for cloud architecture, preparing for delivery and support.

  • Cloud Enabled Application Development

Leverage the cloud for a multitude of application development requirements and attain the best of speed-to-market, efficiency, cost savings and agility.

  • Cloud Application Migration and Integration

Develop applications to migrate legacy apps to the cloud leveraging the benefits offered by this technology.  Integrate cloud applications either with existing ones or with other cloud-based applications. Provide On-premises to cloud or cloud to cloud integration services.

  • Continuous Deployment & Performance Optimization

Implement the continuous deployment process, wherever needed and prepare for a continuous integration setup. Optimize the performance of your system once implemented, ensuring the latest version updated so that you get the best of system performance.

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