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Container based Application Deployment


Container deployment is the action of putting containers to use. The deployment of containers uses management software that simplifies the launch and updates of applications. Container deployment provides fast access to environments and speeds up development because secure containers can be quickly downloaded and put to use. Container deployment also minimizes errors because it reduces the number of moving parts in development.

Applications are deployed with a combination of manual procedures and automated scripts. Security can be a concern when containers run at a root level, which increases vulnerability.

Benefits of Container Deployment


  •  Run many individual applications on the same number of servers.
  • Deliver ready-to-run applications in containers that hold all the codes, libraries and dependencies any application needs.
  • Deploy easier and more secure deployment and management of applications.
  • Modify an application and instantly run it anywhere.
Does Aicomsol Offer Container Deployment?


Aicomsol offers an integrated solution with major container vendors such as Docker, Rancher, CoreOS and Mesosphere to help enterprises build and deploy microservices applications at scale using containers. Aicomsol also partners with Red Hat Openshift and Kubernetes container orchestration platforms to offer multi-cluster, multi-cloud load balancing and load balancing.

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