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Data Migration


Data migration is a one-time process of transferring internal data from one storage system to another; it may include preparing, extracting, and, if necessary, transforming the data.

This may sound a bit like data replication or data integration, but each process is different. Data replication is the periodic copying of data from a data source on one platform to a destination on another, while data integration combines data from disparate sources in a data warehouse destination or analysis tool.

Projects that require data migration range from upgrading a server to moving to a new data center and from launching a new application to integrating the resources of a newly acquired company. Ideally, moving data to a new platform, location, or architecture can be completed with no data loss and minimal manual data manipulation or re-creation.

How to select the right data migration tool


Proper planning is the most important part of any data migration effort and should include consideration of data sources and destinations, security, and cost. Selecting a data migration tool is a key component in the planning process, and should be based on the organization’s use case and business requirements.

Getting started with cloud data migration


Are you planning a data migration or replication? Aicomsol offers an easy-to-use ETL tool that can replicate or migrate data from sources to destinations; it makes the job of getting data for analysis faster, easier, and more reliable, so that businesses can get the most out of their data analysis and BI programs.

Aicomsol is built on the open source Singer project, which allows you to build new integrations if you need to support in-house custom data sources.

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