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Microservices Application Development


Microservice architecture, or simply microservices, is a distinctive method of developing software systems that tries to focus on building single-function modules with well-defined interfaces and operations. The trend has grown popular in recent years as Enterprises look to become more Agile and move towards a DevOps and continuous testing. 

 Aicomsol has been helping enterprises with microservices development to modernize their IT legacy systems with independent, secure and agile microservices applications. With our microservices consulting services, we build projects faster and with simple systems that enable quick repairs, updates and upgrades with minimum to no downtime. We efficiently build applications by leveraging agile and DevOps methodologies as well as other state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

Our microservices application development services include


  • Microservices assessment

Complete assessment of your enterprise IT systems and a strategic roadmap for an easy adoption of microservices. 


  • Microservices migration

Microservices help in the seamless migration of your monolithic apps and legacy systems to a microservices-based architecture.


  • Microservices integration

We build and manage microservices effectively by integrating APIs to make application databases and legacy apps more flexible and agile.


  • Microservices testing

Our microservices testing services help you to verify the workflow of the entire work process along with all the services and integrations.


  • Microservices support & maintenance

We provide pro-active support and maintenance services to enhance the quality of microservices applications development and reduce the number of defects.


  •  Microservices and DevOps

 Microservices fit perfectly into the DevOps ideals and empowers the              implementation of small teams to collaborate together

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