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Cloud Native Application Development


Cloud-native application development is an approach to building, running, and improving apps based on well-known techniques and technologies for cloud computing. Cloud app development platforms are capable of doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating customer apps. Aicomsol can help you to resolve the challenges of enterprise application development with built-in tools, APIs and data integration, security, user management, and even reusable UI components and templates. Now, even small and medium-sized businesses can enjoy the same customised application solutions as enterprise-level companies.

The three levels of the cloud such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS help businesses move faster with apps. With SaaS, designed for end users and delivered directly over the web, along with PaaS which lets non-coders configure and build custom cloud apps using a simple model-driven approach, and IaaS which gives the developers a plethora of custom cloud services to build and run apps with minimal infrastructure setup effort, enterprises are supported through the entire process.

Aicomsol can  save users time and effort by providing tools that can be accessed without specific hardware requirements. In order to find a better fit for an enterprise’s application strategy.

Here are several factors to consider when selecting a cloud app development platform:


  • Faster application development tools

Speed is always a concern when creating business apps, which is why the tools themselves need to be capable of producing fast results. To accomplish this, the best app development tools offer a variety of time-saving features, such as easy visual prototyping, model-driven development of business logic, APIs to integrate apps with data, easy testing and analytics capabilities, direct deployment via web or mobile containers, and the options to use code, low code, or even no code development for all of the above.

  • Security

Custom applications rely heavily on vital customer and company data. Of course, that data may also be very sensitive, and so should be protected at all costs. The best application development tools rely on effective, built-in security measures. Both network- and application-level security help to ensure that no weakness exist in either the app or the cloud for cyber criminals to target. Reliable password policies, permissions, multiple factor authentication, field- and row-level security, penetration testing, secure firewalls, HTTPS encryption, advanced threat detection, IP login restrictions, secure data centers, third party certifications, and backup and disaster recovery options all help ensure that your data is protected.

  • Scalability

As businesses grow, they need tools that can grow along with them. Effective app development tools should be capable of scaling along with your business, so that you benefit as much from them tomorrow, as you do today. Development tools that can support massive streams of data — including internet of things (IoT) data — will be better suited to help your business grow, and tools that can be configured to your existing practices and processes will be able to remain viable as those processes change.

  • Support for disruptive innovations

As new innovations come along, they have the tendency to disrupt the existing market. Superior enterprise application development tools include the ability to support these disruptive innovations, so that your business doesn’t end up getting left behind. Predictive intelligence, continuous DevOps, at-rest encryption key management, enhanced API management, and more can help ensure that disruptive innovations don’t disrupt your work. Likewise, having machine intelligence built directly into the tools allows users to build intelligent task automation into the applications they create.

  • Ecosystem that accelerates innovation

Even with the right tools, creating a custom app from scratch takes time. As such, an enterprise application development platform designed with a reliable ecosystem of prebuilt components and apps natively developed by 3rd parties on the platform of your choice may make all of the difference. The right app ecosystem decreases the time and money spent on development, and ensures that your application is ready when you need it.


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