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Enterprise Application Development


Enterprise Application Development is a complex process of creating applications for business purposes. They are complex, customized for critical business requirements and can be deployed on the cloud, on a variety of platforms across corporate networks, intranet etc.

Modern enterprises are entering the age of the connected customer.

Enterprise Applications (EA) are software solutions that provide business logic and tools to model entire business processes for organisations to improve productivity and efficiency. Examples include billing systems, customer relationship management systems and supplier relationship management systems.

Aicomsol’s consulting helps you to simplify and accelerate the day-to-day navigation of different enterprise platforms and we can guide you in more resources to perfecting a strategy to dominate your marketplace.

Aicomsol provides best solutions for enterprises across industries. Some of the solutions are:

  • Media streaming
  • Digital content distribution
  • Mobile healthcare
  • Workflow and asset management
  • mcommerce
  • Mobile Games

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