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Microservices Application Development


Microservices architecture is a method of development where a large application is divided into small modular services. Each of them assists a very specific business goal that increases its agility and scalability. It becomes easy to reuse the code for a new implementation altogether.

Identify potential applications for microservices adoption. Aicomsol can help you to refactor heritage applications so that data and frequently used functions can be extracted using APIs and microservices. This feature helps you easily integrate them into new systems of engagement and can improve the speed.

Here are some unique advantages which set Microservices apart from other architecture styles.

  • Autonomous: Each component of service in a Microservices architecture can be developed, deployed, operated, and scaled without affecting the functionality of other services.
  • Specialized: Each service is built with a set of capabilities and focuses on solving a specific problem. Over time, if it scales, the service can be further bifurcated into smaller services. It helps teams to measure the size of infrastructure needs, the value of a product, and sustain reliability if the system is facing a surge in demand.
  • Resilience: In the Microservices architecture, independence prevails — failure of any service does not affect the entire application.
  • Technological Freedom: A Microservices system does not adopt the “one size fits all” strategy. Teams can choose the best tool to address their issues and goals independently.
  • Easy Deployment: Microservices allow continuous integration and delivery which makes it easy to try out new concepts or roll back if something goes wrong. The low cost of failure encourages development, promotes software upgrades, and accelerates time-to-market for new features.

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