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Microservices based Solution and Consulting

Microservices also known as the microservice architecture. It  is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of services that are

  • Highly maintainable and testable
  • Loosely coupled
  • Independently deployable
  • Organized around business capabilities
  • Owned by a small team

The microservice architecture enables the rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of large, complex applications. It also enables an organization to evolve its technology stack.

Aicomsol has been helping enterprises with microservices development to modernize their IT legacy systems with independent, secure and agile microservices applications. With our microservices consulting services, Aicomsol can  build projects faster and with simple systems that enable quick repairs, updates and upgrades with minimum to no downtime. Aicomsol can efficiently build applications by leveraging agile and DevOps methodologies as well as other state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

  • Aicomsol’s microservices enables development of modular, maintainable, atomic, isolated and testable services that can satisfy specific business requirements.
  • Aicomsol’s microservices are lightweight, scalable and enable faster deployment on premises, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.
  • Aicomsol can help you migrate monolithic apps to microservices and consult you with best practices to create scalable solutions.
  • Aicomsol can help large and mid-size companies with Microservices development, consulting, recruiting services and hands-on training services.

Transitioning from monolith apps to services was a logical progression. In order to have services or APIs that could communicate with external as well as internal systems, it made sense to take a particular component of the system and convert it into services. For example, in an eCommerce website it makes sense to take the payments functionality and create a completely different service that only has one responsibility which is taking care of payments. Similarly, Aicomsol can create the following services; pricing, customer, product, inventory etc.

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