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Aicomsol Human Resource Management for world-class services from expert HR professionals, helping you reduce HR costs while increasing shareholder value

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Our HR Management and Consulting Our HR Management and Consulting Our HR Management and Consulting Our HR Management and Consulting

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Data integration capacity is necessary in order to find agreement between the employee’s profile and preferences, and typical company procedures.

Onboarding new hires

Specifications are meant to emphasize that employee data management requires orchestrated, consistent actions across several databases with different data formats.

Employee data management

Software robots can cross-check self reports against time logged in the company record, and report inconsistencies to the HR staff.

Attendance tracking

Payroll can be viewed as a perfect example of repetitive, monotonous tasks that companies can’t do without.Avoiding delayed payments will have a positive impact on employees’ level of job satisfaction.

Payroll management

Labour laws are among those that suffer most frequent modifications, given the need to adjust to changes in the workforce status.

Compliance and reporting
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