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This Privacy Policy will govern all privacy and security issues that may arise in relation to your access to https://aicomsol.com or use of its rating, review and listing services to get your business, products, or services reviewed, rated or benchmarked on trustworthiness, reputation, quality, skill sets, or other parameters, or use of these benchmarks, ratings, or listings to find the most suitable company for your projects, and/or use of forums, social media, and other resources or services (collectively referred as the Service) being offered on this website or the websites of its channel partners, subsidiaries, licensees, assignees, affiliates and service providers (collectively referred as the Collaborating Partners).

In this Privacy Policy, we have explained how we may collect, process, store, use or share your personal information in relation to the Service. Please review this Privacy Policy and if you don’t agree, you may not use this website or the Service.

This Privacy Policy shall be deemed as a part of your entire agreement, including the Terms and Conditions, End-user licenses, and additional agreements that you may enter with Extract Research or the Collaborating Partners for using any feature or services being offered on this website. When you access this website or use the Service, Extract Research may collect, process, retain, use or share your personal information as described in herein.

However, this Privacy Policy will not apply to third party websites or anything that you post/share on blogs, forums, social media, or other publicly accessible places on this website or otherwise. Third party websites are governed by their own terms and conditions while Aicomsol reserves a right to use your public profile or information for its business promotion.


What we may collect

Identifiable Information

You are not required to provide any kinds of identifiable information for browsing this website, but if your use of the Service requires us to process any information, order, or transaction, we may collect, process, store, use or share your identifiable information with the Collaborating Partners or other third parties as provided in this Privacy Policy.

However, we will never use any kinds of automated tools and techniques for collecting your personal or business information on this website. Any information that uniquely identified you on this website (such as your name, business, contact number, address, email address, credit card details or other information related to your personal or business profile) will be collected only when you voluntarily submit or share this information to:

You may be required to submit additional information such as certification and partnerships, handled projects and technical expertise, experience, efficiency and cost effectiveness, client’s detail and other business matrices for getting your company ranked and listed on the website. When you submit any kinds of identifiable information on this website, it shall be deemed that submitted information is accurate, complete, and updated, and you will keep it that way during the entire course of your agreement with Aicomsol Private Limited.

When you submit any kinds of identifiable information on behalf of your company/organization or third parties, it shall be deemed that you are fully authorized to submit such information in relation to the Service being offered on this website, and if you are not, take your personal responsibility to fulfill your obligations under this agreement, including the liabilities that may arise from your infringement of third party rights.

Aicomsol Private Limited reserves a right to delete any information or submitted content that is infringing or likely to violate others’ privacy rights.

Non-Identifiable Information

When you access www.aicomsol.com or use the Service on this website or the websites of its collaborating partners, we may collect certain non-identifiable information pertaining to your system configuration and browsing behavior (collectively referred as User Data).

System-related statistical data includes information about your operating system, browser type, device type, Internet Service Provider, top level domain name, server name, and other configuration parameters of your computer or mobile device/app being used to access or use the Service. This kind of non-identifiable information can be very crucial for resolving technical issues, improving the features/services on the website and delivering the Service in a hassle-free manner.

Browsing behavior data pertain to certain non-identifiable information regarding your use of the Service such as the time you spent on the website, pages that you visited, features/services that attracted you, and products, services or information that you searched for. Your browsing behavior reveals information about your preferences and requirements, which can be very useful for improving your overall experience on the Service.

Please acknowledge that we may use cookies and other automated tools and techniques for collecting User Data. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by our servers. Cookies let us identify you on our website, and subject to your permission, allow us to collect anonymous system information / browsing behavior.

These automated tools and techniques enable us to track your presence on the website, facilitate the use of Service in a hassle-free manner and eliminate the need for repeatedly entering the same profile information for using any service on the website of our collaborating partners.



Third Party Cookies

Please acknowledge that Aicomsol Private Limited may use Google Analytics or other third-party research and benchmarking services that may be employing their own cookies, web beacons, and related technologies to collect your personal information in relation to ad serving or services offered or otherwise made available on this website.

When you access this website or use any third party service being offered on this website or the websites of its collaborating partners, it shall be deemed as your consent to accept third party cookies and other tools and techniques that may collect your identifiable or non-identifiable information in relation to their services.

If you are not comfortable in sharing User Data with Aicomsol Private Limited or other third party service providers, you may disable our/third party cookies by changing the default configuration setting of your web browser or using add-ons/apps that block cookies and tracking tools. However, you should understand that cookies are very instrumental in delivering the Service and disabling them may prevent you from using certain features on the website or you may not be able to use the Service at all.

How we may use your Personal Information

Subject to your consent, Aicomsol Private Limited will use your personal information for:

Verifying your business data/matrices, obtaining direct feedback from your clients and ranking your business, product or service on this website.

Facilitating the delivery of requested information, products or services in a hassle-free manner.

Following up your previous requests and ensuring that requests you send take seriously, and respond to your requests.

Improving this website, providing customer support and delivering unmatched Service.

Complying with legal or regulatory requirements and resolving any kinds of legal or commercial complaints or problems.

Analyzing, researching and compiling user data for website optimization and other internal purposes.

Communicating with you to notify any change in our process, procedures, and policies, including this privacy policy.

Aicomsol Private Limited reserves a right to use your personal information for any purpose not listed in this Privacy Policy by obtaining your prior consent before such use.

Sharing and Disclosure

Aicomsol Private Limited will never do anything that compromises your privacy on this website. We will never sell, lease or rent your personal information for direct marketing unless you have given your consent for receiving special offers and deals from the third party marketing companies. If you have already given your consent for direct marketing, you can revoke your consent at any time by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of such commercial messages or emails.

Aicomsol Private Limited reserves a right to share your personal information with the collaborating partners, review and rating agencies, professional advisors or third parties in the following circumstances:

Improving the Service: subject to your privacy rights, Aicomsol Private Limited may share your personal information or business profile/metrics with its collaborating partners or other third parties and facilitate the top ranking/most suitable businesses to offer exclusive deals and deliver unmatched service.

Fulfilling your Requests: when you submit a request for getting your business, products or services reviewed and rated on this website

Business Promotions: Aicomsol Private Limited and its collaborating partners or the listed businesses may organize surveys, contests, or other promotional campaigns to promote their products and services or keep you informed about their suitability to handle your projects. In case you participate in such events, you may be required to submit your personal information to participate, get notified, or receive rewards/deals related to the offer. However, we shall not be liable for any subsequent violation of your privacy rights.

Direct Marketing: No direct marketing will be carried out unless you have given your consent to receive promotional offers from the third party companies. Even if you decide to receive promotional ads or exclusive offers, we will take all feasible precautions to ensure that your personal information remains secure. However, we shall not be liable for any subsequent violations. You may revoke your permission to receive promotional offers at any time.

Other conditions: Aicomsol Private Limited may share/disclose your personal information when it believes that such sharing or disclose is necessary for:

Protecting its business/legal rights.

Preventing unauthorized/unlawful activities on the website.

Complying with governmental/regulatory authorities, investigating agencies, or the court orders.

Facilitating the transfer of ownership in case of a merger or sale of its business.

When sharing your personal information with the collaborating partners or other third parties, Aicomsol Private Limited will ensure that no personal information is shared except what is necessary for such third parties to perform their services or required under the laws.


Your personal information is the most valuable asset we have. We will implement every feasible safeguard (physical, electronic and procedural) to ensure that your personal information remains adequately protected against any kinds of unauthorized access, interference, misuse, loss, modification, or disclosure. Your communications and transactions on this website will be secured using industry standard SSL encryption.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Aicomsol Private Limited reserves a discretionary right to modify or replace this Privacy Policy at any time and without any prior notice. Once notified, modified policy will become effective and replace all previous versions of this privacy policy, unless any version or parts thereof has been retained. Continued access to this website or use of the Service after such modifications shall be deemed as your consent to accept and abide by the modified privacy policy.

Privacy Complaints

If you feel that your privacy rights have been violated on this website, you can register your complaint as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions for using the website. Once we receive your complaint, we shall initiate an inquiry into the matter and respond to you.

For other queries, concerns, or reservations about this privacy policy, please write to info@aicomsol.com.



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