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Functional Testing


Functional testing is a key element for enhancing the quality of the developed software. The risks of releasing a new product without rigorous quality assurance have greater implications now than ever before because of the ever-changing expectations and demands of the end users. Finding independent QA and testing vendors, who are not biased by the development unit, is crucial to the success of a quality product.


Aicomsol provides prominent quality assurance services and functional testing services across various verticals and for platforms including desktop, mobile, cloud and web services, while boosting your software quality. Our functional testing process involves testing user commands, searches, user screens, business processes, data manipulation and integrations.


Automated Functional Testing services that ensure the verification & validation of applications for global enterprises. Our software functional testing services focus on testing applications against defined specifications and meeting the end user acceptance for seamless and robust functionality.

Be it Black-box testing or White-box testing, a robust functional testing process ensures superior user experience for the end-user, functional completeness and, most importantly, that the final software product behaves as expected.

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