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Game Testing


We believe that no game is perfect right out of development. That is exactly our focus area. Identifying bugs, errors or defects is part of the functional testing we perform.

Gameplay Testing


It is designed in a fashion to grasp the user’s attention and carry them away, like a wave. For this to happen, every sub-component of the progression system needs to be supporting each other. The events at the end of the story arc should support the events/actions of the user during progression. This, in turn, needs to be supported by the choices made in the beginning.

Compliance Testing


Game compliance ensures that the game adheres to the regulations laid out by the manufacturers and clears the submissions at first go.

Compatibility Testing


Compatibility ensures not just the stability of the game; but also ensures that the performance remains optimal in the supported hardware. For effective compatibility testing, we:

  • Perform inventory checks regularly to stay up to date with the market.
  • Perform game testing on the most trending/popular devices at the moment in relevant geographies. The devices will be tested on devices ranging from top-end devices to the lowest compatible devic
Ad-Hoc & Destructive Testing


All the games that come out now have global launches. What does that mean? The entire world has access to your game.Millions of players will play your game, meaning millions of different player types.Ad-hoc and destructive testing can be done at any point in time based on feedback. Everyone is going to have an opinion, the opinion that gathers population can be responded to in the form of an update.Ad-hoc testing and destructive testing ensures that your game can respond to whims & fancies of everyone, in a positive manner.

Integration Testing


The introduction of automation is a boon as it takes care of regression in order to handle integration tests.This allows us to solely focus on the most critical gaming aspects which allow us to provide you with the best of our service

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