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Mobile Apps Testing


Mobile app testing is a form of A/B testing wherein various user segments are presented with different variations of an in-app experience to determine which one induces the desired action from them or has a positive (or better) impact on app key metrics. By figuring out what works for your mobile app and what doesn’t, you can systematically optimize it for your desired metrics and unlock limitless growth opportunities for your business that were always lurking in plain sight. 

Optimize In-App Experiences and Boost Core Metrics


To ensure you consistently provide delightful user experiences, you need to thoroughly test deep within your app so you can measure which iteration leads to an improvement in your key metrics such as monthly active users, retention rate, drop-offs, and so on. This way, you’ll only rely on data-driven decisions while creating your mobile app development roadmap.

Segment Your User Base And Deliver Targeted Experiences


With mobile app testing, you can deploy deep segmentation to bucket and categorize your users and target them distinguishably. The segmentation can be based on geographic, behavioral, demographic, or technographic factors, to name a few. You can then target each user segment separately (based on their characteristics) with a specific variation of your app experience and even control the percentage of a user segment that will be presented with a particular variation of an A/B test. This will help you understand your audience closely, experiment at a granular level, and deliver better, more relevant experiences

Deliver Personalized In-App Experiences


In today’s day and age of always-connected mobile users, your app optimization journey isn’t complete until your app experiences are personalized. With mobile app testing, you can go beyond serving different variations of your app pages to different users to tailor each variation basis the interests of your users and/or their past interaction with your brand

Minimize Risk And Roll Out Features Confidently in Stages


Experimenting with features before rolling them out is not all; you can further minimize the risk associated with launching a critical feature by releasing it in stages to your audience rather than making it live universally in one go.

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