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Testing Cloud Platforms


Cloud-based platforms are increasing enterprises’ ability to reduce time-to-market drastically, along with eliminating upfront costs. This has led to increased interest in the adoption of cloud-based solutions. However, it brings unique challenges related to data security, privacy, integration and application performance. These require comprehensive cloud-based testing to ensure that your cloud implementations are successful and that you realize complete benefits from the cloud solution.

Aicomsol helps you define an effective strategy to test the cloud, so that you can address all the challenges and pitfalls. Software testing in the cloud usually focuses on functional testing of the application, but it also needs a strong emphasis on non-functional and cloud-specific testing. We adopt this end-to-end approach to ensure high quality across all aspects of cloud implementation.

Functional Testing:


Functional Testing has to be performed to make sure that the offering provides the services that the user is paying for. Functional tests ensure that the business requirements are being met.

  • System Verification Testing: This ensures whether the various modules function correctly with one another, thus making sure that their behavior is as expected.
  • Acceptance Testing: Here the cloud-based solution is handed over to the users to make sure it meets their expectations.
  • Interoperability Testing: Any application must have the flexibility to work without any issues not only on different platforms but it must also work seamlessly when moving from cloud infrastructure to another
Non-Functional Testing:


Non-functional tests mainly focus on web application based tests ensuring that they meet the desired requirements.

  •   Availability Testing: The cloud supervisor/vendor has to make sure that the cloud is available round the clock. As there could be many mission-critical activities going on, the administrator has to make sure that there is no adverse impact to the consumers


  •  Multi-Tenancy Testing: Here, multiple users use a cloud offering. Testing must be performed to ensure that there is sufficient security and access control of the data when multiple users are using a single instance.


  •   Performance Testing: Verification of the response time needs to be done to ensure that everything is intact even when there are a lot of requests to be satisfied. The network latency is also one of the critical factors to evaluate performance.

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